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After living 5 years in China, I feel like a new person. And it''s actually happening every year. I feel like I’m changing and growing personally really fast. I just wanted to share my thought and experience of living in China and how it changed me. Hope you''ll like it!


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gordana vidovic
The last impression of the Russian language sounding "cold" was funny to me : ) . Here in Serbia we think the Russian language sounds way more warm and melodical, with longer words and more beautiful phonemes than our language, many people say Serbian sounds the harshet among Slavic languages :)

Adrian Tan
you''re probably discovering yourself and maturing... different places will help you through that process in different ways. that''s why travelling is so important. when are you coming to Singapore?

Brian Holihan
I found that a lot of people in China appreciate music very deeply. I often played guitar in public places, crowds would gather to watch, and many people asked me for a music lesson. I recommend learning to play a musical instrument and carrying it with you. I never thought of the Russian language as menacing--that''s a stereotype that people who don''t know anything about Russian culture hold. I always thought of it as warm and emotional. Alexander Pushkin was a master of bringing out the wealth of meanings in Russian expressions, and of bringing out the language''s music. You''re living in two infinitely deep cultures.

我发现在中国许多人都非常欣赏音乐。我经常在公众区域弹吉他,人们会围观,许多人会请我上音乐课。我推荐学会演奏一种乐器,并且随身带着。我从未想过俄语会有威胁性--那是那些对俄罗斯文化不了解的人持有的一种刻板印象。我一直认为它是温暖的有感情的。亚历山大 ·普希金是一位展现俄语表达丰富含义和展现语言音乐的大师。你生活在两种有深厚底蕴的文化之中。
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Relax Journey
Hi Kiun, I really liked the way you express your feelings and adapting to the culture in the place you are living. Thanks for sharing your nice life journey. It’s amazing. All the best.

Dylan Liu
Hi Kiun, I am a Beijinger living in a hutong, thank you very much for your love for Beijing and Beijing hutongs, looking forward to meeting you in the hutongs of Beijing.

Sai Divya
You have come a great way and will definitely reach greater heights! Good luck

Dominic Hill
This is a very good video, and I''m a new subscriber. I''m very impressed by the videos I''ve watched. I''m looking forward to seeing more.

Allen Zhang
You’ve made the right choice! Glad you enjoy the life in Beijing.

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Jevon Edbert
You should try to go to southern china, xiamen is a really nice, more laid back city

China has definitely made you more bold and adventurous. I mean you could have filmed this video in a quiet park but nope let’s film it in a busy alleyway with people staring! :D

Maria Mueller-hornbach
Oh I miss Beijing while watching your video! I am German and have been studying in Beijing, I loved it and I can really confirm Your 5 points! I hope I can go back soon!!!

Grant Hirobumi
Here in America, we are taught very little about the real China. It''s just politics and negativity. Such a vast culture and history.

Joaquin Fabrega
Do you feel your english accent changed in the last 5 years? This is an honest question.