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Singapore is only a third the size and population of Shenzhen, but its education is well known around the world and has produced two world-renowned universities: the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).


新加坡国立大学 (NUS)

The National University of Singapore



Nanyang Technological University


At the same time, It attracted celebrities to relocate to Singapore. In order to get his daughter a better Chinese education from an early age, Rogers, an American financial tycoon, eventually chose to settle in Singapore and hire professional teachers to teach Chinese after visiting Shanghai and Singapore. When famous movie star Li Lianjie was interviewed, he also confided that one of the main reasons for settling in Singapore was for the education of his children.



Jim Rogers and his family


Reason why Jet Li move to Singapore: Education for her daughter



Francis Ng sent his child to study in Singapore


Why is Education so attractive in Singapore? This is thanks to Singapore's sound education system, which brings elite education and stratification education to the extreme, allowing outstanding students better play their advantages of intelligence and excellence. Unlike the two major exams that students in China go through: high school entrance examination and college entrance examination, students in Singapore start to prepare for testing once they enter primary school. From the second grade of primary school, students must go through at least five stratification tests.


小学二年级和四年级,学生需要通过一年4次对数学、英文、及华文的考核进行第二年的分班。而在小学三年级末,部分学生会报考录取率仅有1%的GEP(Gifted Education Programme),即所谓的“天才教育计划”。学生们将面临三轮学术考核,及领导力和IQ测评。而开设GEP的小学均为新加坡的顶尖名校,包含新加坡儒廊小学、南华小学、南洋小学和莱佛士小学等。

In the second and fourth grades of primary school, students need to pass four assessments of Math, English, and Chinese for the second year. At the end of the third grade, some students will apply for the GEP (Gifted Education Program) with only 1% passing rate, which is the so-called " Genius Education Program ". Students will face three rounds of academic assessment, as well as leadership and IQ assessments. The GEP primary schools are among the top schools in Singapore, including Singapore Rulang Primary School, South China Primary School, Nanyang Primary School and Raffles Primary School.


在小学六年级即将升初中时,学生将面临最关键的一次分流考试:PSLE(Primary School Leaving Examination)。这项考试是新加坡小学生压力最大,家长们最为重视的一场考试,重视程度不亚于国内的高考。因为这项考试将决定学生是否会被“直通车”学校录取,进入“直通车”学校的学生毕业后将直升初级学院精英课程,即国内重点高中。莱佛士初级学院、华中初级学院和国家初级学院均为新加坡著名的初级学院。

As they approach junior high school in the sixth grade, students will face one of the most critical tests: THE PSLE(Primary School Leaving Examination). Because this test will determine whether students will be admitted to the "through train" school, students who enter the "through train" school will be directly promoted to the elite curriculum of junior colleges. Raffles Junior College, Huazhong Junior College and National Junior College are all well-known junior colleges in Singapore.



Students who do not enter the "through train" school will be enrolled in the corresponding high school after graduating from junior high school with an O-Level test. When they go to college, students will take different types of tests according to the school system they attend and enter the ideal college. Singapore's sound education system allows students who attend ordinary, private or international schools at any stage and in every diversion exam, will have the opportunity to enter higher education institutions.



The Singapore Government encourages diversified education, especially in the early years. In Singapore, each kindergarten has its own characteristics, including kindergartens featuring Chinese-English, English-Malay, English-Tamil. Curriculum including Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf and IB are adopted by different Kindergartens. Through the Singapore pre-school syllabus and teaching results, Singapore places great emphasis on the development of social norms, values and ethics from early years, and shaping children into global citizens who are competent for the future.



This aligns with Invictus' mission and that is why we have introduced Singapore's elite education into China. Invictus Pre-school provides a curriculum that blends Chinese and Western education system. By exploring each student’s advantage, we encourage every student strives in his/her future. Once admitted to Invictus Pre-school, student will be able to enter our primary school without further assessment. From early years to high school, we would like to provide students with an all-through education for 15 years.





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